We have a new look inside too!

It was definitely time for a remodel of our old kitchen and living room set up that did not allow room for our members on call to relax and converse.  We designed a “great room” set up to allow the kitchen and living room to be one big open gathering place to eat, relax, watch TV and do homework!  Our members love to come in and grab a snack while on call.  Thank you to those members that helped with projects, moving furniture, adding a door bell!  Come ring our door bell and grab an application!  We are looking for weekend people to help us out!  Free training.

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We Have a New Look!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Valhalla Ambulance Corps has a new look on the outside! Recently we placed beautiful stonework 6 foot round with our name and a huge blue star of life. For those of you who did not know, we were established in 1961. With new lighting added for our flags, it also shows off our new look! Why not drive by at anytime and see our new outside look.

Our home here at 1 Westlake Drive in Valhalla overlooks the 30,000 billion gallons of water that incorporates the Kensico Reservoir held back by the Dam. For those who like trivia: How many steps on either side of the Dam are there?

Recently, some of our members participated in a Savanger Hunt around North White Plains and Valhalla. We thought it would be fun to add the list of items that were given to them to find for those of you to find too!

Click on the link to download the list! Have fun!


Scavenger Hunt


Drive and Dine for our Troops

Sunday, June 1, 2014 Valhalla Ambulance Corps participated in Security Worlds “Drive and Dine” fundraiser to honor our troops. The event was a parade of cars and motorcycles which drove through the neighboring towns of Mount Pleasant to raise awareness for our troops returning home from overseas. If you interested in supporting this great cause at



Valhalla Ambulance Corps Wins Best Ambulance at Pleasantville’s Annual

Friday, May 30, 2014 Valhalla Ambulance Corps is very proud of our members who worked so hard to shine our ambulances and present them to all our residents, neighbors and community at large. The judges must have thought so too as we received a “Best Ambulance” trophy!



Valhalla Ambulance Corps is the 1st to Carry Nasal Narcan in Mt. Pleasant

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Tonight starts our new protocol training for Nasal Narcan. Our Medical Director, Dr. Eric Larsen came and instructed us on the when, why, and how much Nasal Narcan to administer a patient with an opiate overdose. This is life changing that EMT’s can now give this medication and save lives!

It has been a hot topic in the news about the Heroin epidemic use in our country. The high from this drug can cause our bodies to want more and more, which leads to overdose, respiratory compromise and death if not intervened.

If you want to learn more about opiate overdose, Nasal Narcan, or how to learn how it is administered, feel free to come to one of training sessions. Call 914-946-8138



Valhalla Ambulance Corps Receives a $24,000 grant for Oxygen Generator

Friday, May 23, 2014 Federal Funding Will Help Valhalla Volunteer Ambulance Corps Purchase a New In-House Oxygen System, Allow Them to Make & Store their Own Oxygen TanksMay 22, 2014

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand today announced $24,687 in federal funding for Valhalla Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Westchester County. The funding was allocated through the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG) and will be used to purchase a new in-house oxygen system.

“These much-needed federal funds will provide the assistance that Valhalla Volunteer Ambulance Corps needs to replace critical equipment like their in-house oxygen system. First responders are our primary line of defense – they safeguard our residents and protect our property. It’s crucial that we provide support to our first responders to purchase the equipment they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability,” said Senator Schumer.

“This is a critical, life-saving investment for the Valhalla community,” said Senator Gillibrand. “When our first responders go into harm’s way, we need to make sure they have the right equipment to save lives. This funding will provide the critical tools the Valhalla Volunteer Ambulance Corps needs to better serve local residents.”

“Valhalla Ambulance is thrilled to be informed that it will receive the Assistance for Fire Fighters (AFG) grant for the purchase of a Mobile Oxygen Generator System (MOGS),” said Steven Marello Captain, Susan Briggs Grant Coordinator. “This will allow our organization to no longer rely on outside contractors to supply us with oxygen needed to treat our patients. Valhalla Ambulance recognized this need during super storm sandy when we were forced to transport oxygen dependent patients to the hospital because we could not keep up with their oxygen demands. Valhalla Ambulance also plans on sharing the use of this system by refilling the portable oxygen tanks carried by our local Police & Fire Departments.”

The Valhalla Ambulance Corps depends on more than 80 members and volunteers to provide 24/7 service. It has served the community since 1961. The federal funding will be used to purchase an in-house Mobile Oxygen Generating System, which is used to recycle air by drawing oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere into the system. This funding will allow the Corps to save money and create safer, more efficient operations by allowing the Corps to make and store their own oxygen tanks. This new system will better prepare the first responders in the region to handle an emergency. The Valhalla Volunteer Ambulance Corps will share this oxygen system with two local fire departments, the police department, as well as any other entity that might need it.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants are administered by the Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency in cooperation with the Department’s United States Fire Administration. The grants are awarded on a competitive basis to the applicants that most closely address the program’s priorities and demonstrate financial need.  More information on the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program can be accessed at .


Training Information

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 EMS week starts May 18-24, 2014. Our volunteer members are vital to our ambulance service! We depend on them to maintain our 24/7 schedule and care for our community here at Valhalla and North White Plains. We have over 80 members that are volunteers. There are so many widely diverse volunteers that make up our EMS family and we could not do it without them. We have Drivers, EMT’s, Paramedics, Junior Corps, Board of Directors, Officers, and Associate members that make up this great EMS family.

Thank you to our membership for doing what you do everyday in being a HERO!

If you would like to join our EMS family, feel free to contact us at 914-946-8138 or email us at Our application is on this website under Applications!


If you need CPR or other training, we have great resources to help you achieve this. Feel free to call and ask for Sue.



What’s a KED?

Monday, May 12, 2014 As EMS week approach us here at Valhalla VAC, we continue to practice skills we all learned in EMT class. We are always grateful for our instructors to come and reinforce the skills. Thank you Charlie Ortiz for dusting off the old KED.

A KED is a short immobilization board to be used on a patient who has severe back pain and we are concerned for possible fractures. It takes quite a bit of practice and knowledge to put this on a patient correctly.



Training with our Medic!

Monday, May 5, 2014 Here at Valhalla Ambulance Corps, our members love to learn new things. We are fortunate to have such a great rapport with our Paramedics in the Town of Mt. Pleasant. Showing us what they do and letting us practice so we are more confident in assisting them on all calls.

Did you know that the Town of Mt. Pleasant and Town of North Castle contract Transcare as our Paramedics? Did you know that we have two Flycars in our town to cover all 911 calls? Did you know they cover from Sleepy Hollow, Pleasantville, Hawthorne, Thornwood, Valhalla, and North White Plains? It’s a big territory to cover but they manage to do this everyday, 7 days a week!

Feel free to stop in at our headquarters anytime and have a cup of coffee. Someone us usually here and will introduce you to our town Paramedics!



Car Fire on the tracks

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 2130 Valhalla Ambulance Corps and Valhalla Fire Department were called to a car fire on the MTA train tracks by Valhalla Crossings. Fortunately no one was hurt. Valhalla Fire Department did a fantastic job controlling the scene and putting out this dangerous fire! Kudos to them!